Csángó Festival

A celebration of Polish and Hungarian dance houses

The Csángó Festival in Poland exemplifies the flourishing of the dance house movement and, at the same time, traditional culture: dancing, making music, singing together. The fusion of temperaments and the explosion of joy in making music together with Polish artists and dancing have created ideas for the next edition of the Festival. It is in a variety of attractions and events:

  • concerts,
  • dances,
  • workshops,
  • processions.
Joanna Mieszkowicz

Artistic director
Csángó Festival in Poland

About the organizers


The Aeris Futuro Foundation, headed by Joanna Mieszkowicz, founder and long-time president, has been implementing projects for the protection and promotion of cultural and natural heritage for more than 17 years. We are particularly close to the traditional culture of Poland and Hungary, which is why, as of 2019, we have organized more than a dozen meetings in the formula of dance houses (táncház), including two editions of the Csángó Festival in Poland. In Poland, we are witnessing a burgeoning love of traditional folk culture among residents of large cities. Inspiration came from Hungary, where the dance house movement began more than half a century ago.


The Szépszerével Band, headed by Gergely Sámsondi Kiss and Farkas Gyulai, has been running a dance house on Budapest’s Gellert Hill every Wednesday since 2008. They learned about music and folk customs through their own experience, as they are apprentices to village musicians mainly from Transylvania (Erdély), now an area of Romania and once the Principality of Hungary. Unfortunately, most of the indigenous artists are no longer alive, hence the even greater value for participants here in Poland – the opportunity to touch living history.

Our team

“Hungary and Poland are two eternal oaks, each of them shot up with a trunk separate and distinct, but their roots, widely spread under the surface of the earth and tangled and knit together invisibly. Hence the existence and blackness of one is to the other a condition of life and health.”

Joanna Mieszkowicz
Joanna Mieszkowicz



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Gergely Sámsondi
Gergely Sámsondi

Coordinator of the CSÁNGÓ FESTIVAL IN POLAND, architect and musician


Gyulai Farkas
Gyulai Farkas

Coordinator of the CSÁNGÓ Festival in Poland, musician

Czarli Bajka

festival graphic design


Agnieszka Świątek

Festival promotion specialist

Dorota Wilczynska-Sztymula
Dorota Wilczyńska-Sztyma

Festival promotion specialist

Monika Karvazy
Monika Karvazy

Hungarian Language Translator

Justyna Permus-Sałańska
Justyna Permus-Sałańska

Curator of the exhibition by Julia David

Dominika Asman-Wierzbicka
Dominika Asman-Wierzbicka

Creating the website


In the circle of Carpathian culture

The Csángó Festival in Poland maintains and revitalizes the traditions of Poland and Hungary through cultural exchange. We present more widely the heritage of the Carpathian peoples, hence the participation of Ukrainian artists, and the local heritage of Kuyavia, Pomerania and Kashubia. We create relations, friendships between supporters of traditional cultures of many nations, through the common experience of its magnificence, fun, relaxation. Enthusiastic experiences of the participants of the festival meetings of the previous editions allow us to believe that we will meet on October 5-8, 2023.

October 5-8, 2023

Let’s meet in the circle of Carpathian culture