Csángó Festival

The Csángó Festival in Poland is the fruit of Polish-Hungarian friendship, the flourishing of the dance
house movement and at the same time traditional culture: we dance, make music and sing together.
The fusion of temperaments and the explosion of joy in making music and dancing together create
ideas for future editions of the Festival.

We are happy to join festivals and other events realised in a similar spirit to the All Mazurkas of the
World Festival in Warsaw
or the Song of Our Roots Festival in Jarosław.

We propose various forms of our activity:

  • dance parties
  • workshops
  • concerts
  • presentations on czango culture
  • events for families with children
  • event moderation and translations
  • promotion
  • exhibitions



The green standards of the Csángó Festival includes:

  • Traditional folk music with traditional instruments we also teach how to play them, according to the traditions and methods of the dance-hall movement we have lived through for a long time;
  • All concerts and dances are performed with live music, with as little artificial sound systems as possible;! We avoid high stages, air-conditioning, unhealthy artificial lighting, unnecessary paper prints, and waste production and smoking;
  • We rely on and encourage land-based public transport, caravans and, locally, cycling and walking;
  • We choose venues with good transport connections to the city, the region and different parts of Poland;
  • We present the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities; !We present and promote our culinary heritage! We focus on locally produced, locally grown, small environmental footprint, chemical-free, less meaty food and drinks;
  • We support grassroots art, ecological and educational initiatives;
  • We implement solutions friendly to people with disabilities;
  • We connect generations – we welcome everyone from little babies with their parents to seniors;
  • We bring nations and generations together in the name of shared values – peace, dialogue, caring for nature.

Want to know more? see our activities under the Festival tab and contact us.

Welcome to the circle.

Our team

“Hungary and Poland are two eternal oaks, each of them shot up with a trunk separate and distinct, but their roots, widely spread under the surface of the earth and tangled and knit together invisibly. Hence the existence and blackness of one is to the other a condition of life and health.”

Joanna Mieszkowicz
Joanna Mieszkowicz



+48 693 589 391

Gergely Sámsondi
Gergely Sámsondi

Coordinator of the CSÁNGÓ FESTIVAL IN POLAND, architect and musician


Gyulai Farkas
Gyulai Farkas

Coordinator of the CSÁNGÓ Festival in Poland, musician

Czarli Bajka

festival graphic design


Agnieszka Świątek

Festival promotion specialist

Dorota Wilczynska-Sztymula
Dorota Wilczyńska-Sztyma

Festival promotion specialist

Monika Karvazy
Monika Karvazy

Hungarian Language Translator

Justyna Permus-Sałańska
Justyna Permus-Sałańska

Curator of the exhibition by Julia David

Dominika Asman-Wierzbicka
Dominika Asman-Wierzbicka

Creating the website