The Moldavian Csángós

The Moldavian Csángós (Ceangăi in Romanian) are an ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous group of Roman Catholics in Northeastern Romania. According to Baker (1997: 658), they are “one of Europe’s most enigmatic and least known minorities”. From a majority perspective, Miloiu (2004: 123) finds that “one of the most controversial and debatable subjects in contemporary Romanian…
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Dávid Júlia obraz

Opening of the Júlia Dávid exhibition 6/10/2023-20.00 Ethnographic Museum in Toruń

We invite you to the opening of the Dávid Júlia exhibition, which will take place on October 6, 2023 at 8 p.m. at the Ethnographic Museum. Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa in Toruń Dávid Júlia was born in 1961 in Marosvásárhely in Transylvania. From 1981, she was a student at the College of Fine Artsin Cluj, graduating with…
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Lukács István

István Lukács 

István Lukács is a traditional musician from Gimesz (Eastern Carpathians) who plays the violin, which is typical of Chang music, with incredible virtuosity. He studied his repertoire for several years with János Zerkula, the legendary blind violinist, from whom he inherited not only his knowledge but also his way of playing the violin. Recordings: Watch the…
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Bolya Dániel

Dániel Bolya

Dániel Bolya – flutist and flute builder, teacher, publisher. Years ago he co-founded a very good band playing chango – Zurgó, with which he toured Poland, among others. Currently, his bands are HORBA!, Bacsó and his band. Since January 2006, he has been teaching at various music schools and also plays in programmes for pre-school…
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Kazimierz Nitkiewicz

Kazimierz Nitkiewicz

Kazimierz Nitkiewicz – trumpeter, sound director, publisher. A graduate of the Faculty of Sound Direction at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, he is a member of the Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra. His heart belongs to traditional music from different parts of the world, especially from Poland, the Carpathian Mountains, the Balkans and Polish…
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Petras Maria z ceramika

Mária Petrás

Mária Petrás is a folk singer, ceramicist, winner of the prestigious Prima Primissima Award and the Hungarian Heritage Award, and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA). One could venture to say that she is the Hungarian equivalent of Cesaria Evora or Maria Siwiec. While learning her mother tongue as a child, Mária…
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Agregandado is a Toronto-based music band traversing the orbits of group n revolutions.It was formed to play traditional music dances from various corners of Europe. As a result, agregandado’s repertoire consists of kujawiak, Swedish polish and a number of dances with origins ranging from Kurpie to Brittany. The sound of agregandado is modelled on traditional…
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Skrzypkowie Dzielni

Skrzypkowie Dzielni

Skrzypkowie Dzielni is a Torun-based string band. They draw on archival music recorded in previous centuries, particularly Kujawy and Swedish. An important component of the ensemble’s repertoire is the raft and oryll music recorded in Oskar Kolberg’s works in the parts concerning Kuyavia. The songs, as danceable as they may be, were once performed by…
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Paweł Iwan Tańce z Pogórza

Pawel Iwan

Pawel Iwan – carol singer, singer, dancer and dulcimer player. Known for his work with bands from Inna Struna, Tadirindum, KBB, Pokrzyk, Kapela Ozimkowicza, Hajda Banda/Гайда Банда and C.K. Kapela, with which he wins distinctions and awards.  He also performs as a guest with the bands Iskierczanie (Dębica), Kapela Brodów, Kapela Serhija Ochrimczuka and Krajka/Крайка…
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Serhij Ochrimczuk

Sergey Ohrimchuk’s band

Sergey Ohrimchuk’s band – explores and performs traditional instrumental and polyphonic music from various regions of Ukraine and Europe. At the Festival Czango will play Hutsul and Boyko melodies. The leader, Serhiy Ochrimchuk, is an accomplished violinist and singer as well as a folklore reconstructionist. He is a member of, among others, the legendary Drevo…
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Júlia Skopp

Júlia Skopp

Júlia Skopp – movement and music teacher (BA at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna). She has been playing flutes and dancing since she was a child; she fell in love with chango dances in 2012, although she frequented the Csángó Festival in Jászberény as a child. Since then, she has participated…
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Sámsondi Gergely

Sámsondi Gergely – is a phenomenal dance musician, a non-stage performer and a pupil of village masters (including Zoltán Vak from Gimesz). He plays the violin, kobos, flutes and dulcimer. Since 1993, he has regularly organised dance houses where he performs as the leader of the Borvíz string band specialising in music from Transylvania, Seklerszczyzna…
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Gyulai Vajk Máté

Vajk Gyulai

Vajk Gyulai – plays flutes and koboz in the amateur folk bands Csenderítők and Mácsonya, with whom he regularly plays concerts and dance events. In the summer of 2023, he played with the Szőrénszálán band (led by Farkas Gyulai) and taught flute playing at our events in Kraków and Toruń (Z czango w las). Since…
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Gyulai Farkas

Farkas Gyula

Farkas Gyulai – violinist, singer, dancer, also plays the koboz, gardon, flutes and, most importantly, is able to teach all this in a very natural and gentle way. Co-founder of the band Szépszerével (2012), founder of the band Szőrénszálán (2023), with whom he often visits Poland. Sympathy for Poland and Poles has also translated into…
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Olena Gajdyczuk

Olena Gaidychuk

Olena Gaidychuk – cultorologist, conductor, bandleader, folklorist, music therapist, teacher of music, rhythmics, voice emission and piano.  Graduate of the Music Academy in Kiev. She is a soloist of the state choir “Khreshchatyk” in Kiev, a soloist of the ensembles “Ukrainian Hearts” and “Slavik Folk Orchestra” in Torun, a trainer of vocal-yoga, singing and music…
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Marta Domachowska

Marta Domachowska

Marta Domachowska – ethnologist, researcher of Polish folk culture, pupil of rural singers, dancers and musicians. She explores, practices and popularises Polish musical traditions in crudo. Among other things, she conducts original dance workshops, singing meetings, family musical events and workshops of traditional children’s games for educators and animators. Since 2011, she has been working…
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Begebenheit Band

Begebenheit Band was formed in 2020 as a quartet of accordion (Tobiasz Wenta), double bass (Maciej Kuchta), violin (Natalia Wenta) and percussion + vocals (Paulina Węsierska). This same year the band took part in the Cassubia Cantat festival in Bytów. The next year with another violinist (Piotr Kluczek) Begebenheit won the main prize which launched…
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Katarzyne Tucholska’s Band

Katarzyna Tucholska put her first steps as a traditional dancer at the ‘Dom Tanca’ Association together with Piotr Zgorzelski. Later, she learned from uncountable village dancers. She learned to play three-row pedal harmony (accordion) mainly from Jan Adamczyk from Budki, and traditional singing mainly from Monika Maminska. Katarzyna repairs and tunes accordions, she also leads…
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