Join the festival team and the Csángó  circle!

We are very pleased to welcome experienced volunteers and those who decide to volunteer for the first time. We have launched our recruitment and invite you to apply for the autumn edition of the Csángó Festival 2023, which will take place at the Ethnographic Museum in Torun.

What kind of volunteers are we looking for:

  • over the age of 16 (younger needs an adult assistant)
  • with a desire and motivation to act,
  • with a positive attitude,
  • who will take responsibility for the tasks entrusted to them are available on any day of the Festival (06-08.10.2023).

It is not necessary to be present during all days – if you can devote min. 4h of a chosen day is also ok. We also have jobs that you can commit to now and up to two weeks after the Festival. If you have more free time please let us know when and at what times you can get involved.

What do we have for you?

  • The opportunity to contribute to the festival,
  • admission to selected festival events,
  • a certificate for volunteering,
  • a creative atmosphere  
  • new friendships!

We also provide some free travel to the festival and accommodation in the very centre of Toruń (own sleeping bag and sleeping pad required).

To apply, simply fill in the form.

We are looking for people to carry out the following tasks on duty during the Festival (6-8.10.2023).
(this is a framework list, details will be further specified at the meetings)

The tasks for volunteers during the festival:
  • helping to prepare the space of the Ethnographic Museum before and after the Festival,
  • distribution of promotional materials,
  • photo/video recording and digital promotion of the events.
The tasks for volunteers related to the preparations for the festival:
  • reception,
  • ticket checking,
  • information desk,
  • marking festival spaces,
  • taking care of festival facilities,
  • maintaining order,
  • supervising workshops and concerts- preparing the space for events.
What do we offer to volunteers in exchange for their commitment:
  • min. 2 hours of on-call time – free entry to 1 festival event (workshops)
  • min. 5 hours standby – free entry to 1 evening event + 2 workshops
  • min. 7 hour standby – full-day pass + meal

On-call hours can be spread over both festival days. They may also alternate with events chosen by the Volunteer as a gratuity.
The number of participants in the workshops is limited, hence the list and priority sign-up (“first come, first served”) applies.

If among your friends there are people who are suitable to help with the event, be sure to invite them to volunteer for the festival.

We are waiting for applications until 29.09.2023, but do not wait until the last minute, catch the opportunity now!

Online organizational meeting for volunteers 29.09.2023 at 16:00

Live meeting – 4.10.2023 at 15:00.

If you would like to see what our Festival looked like last year see video and photo reports.