Júlia Skopp

Júlia Skopp

Júlia Skopp – movement and music teacher (BA at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna). She has been playing flutes and dancing since she was a child; she fell in love with chango dances in 2012, although she frequented the Csángó Festival in Jászberény as a child. Since then, she has participated in various workshops, tabors and dance companies. She collaborates with Előd Molnár, who was a dance teacher at the Cango Festival in Poland in 2022. Together they taught (2017-2021) dances at the excellent Tázló Dance House in Budapest. Since 2021, Júlia has been living in Vienna. She has taught workshops so far not only in Hungary, but also in Slovenia, Austria and Poland.

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

Workshops of chango dances from Moldova – advanced level

Chango song workshop

Event for families with children

Dance parties (Friday, Saturday)

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