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Opening of the Júlia Dávid exhibition 6/10/2023-20.00 Ethnographic Museum in Toruń

We invite you to the opening of the Dávid Júlia exhibition, which will take place on October 6, 2023 at 8 p.m. at the Ethnographic Museum. Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa in Toruń

Dávid Júlia was born in 1961 in Marosvásárhely in Transylvania. From 1981, she was a student at the College of Fine Artsin Cluj, graduating with a degree in applied arts. She worked both as a carpetand costume designer.

“Hungarians carry a primordial power that has lived through many stormy historical periods. Rediscovering and incorporating this primordial power into my paintings has become my mission! The motifs of folk tales and legends, the eternal ancien faith of shamans and táltos, the colorful world of lost civilizations and wandering ethnic groups cometolife.  My creations draw primarily from the treasury of folk values.” Júlia Dávid

The curator of the exhibition and the author of the poster is Justyna Permus-Sałańska.

Justyna Permus-Sałańska comes from the small town of Wysoka in Piła County. A graduate of Artistic Education in the field of fine arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Currently a fourth-year student of Painting. He cooperates with the VERDA Foundation, where he co-creates intercultural classes and prepares artistic materials for children. He is passionate about painting, music and dance folklore.

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