Festiwal Czango w Toruniu

Practical tips – how to get there, where to eat and where to spend the night in Torun

In the following article you will find practical information that will be useful during the Festival.

How to get to the Ethnographic Museum in Torun

1) It is best to come without using your own car, less stress with parking, parking fees (in Torun the zone near the Museum from 8 am to 6 pm, including Saturdays is paid), less exhaust fumes, noise and thus headaches, etc.

2) However, if you need a car then take passengers, instruments and other equipment needed for the event – let’s do carpooling – write posts in the event who is going and when and how many people/things it will take.

3) Parking – closest on University Street (paid), or a little further away free of charge near the cemetery on Grudziądzka Street.

Where to eat during the Festival

There will be an opportunity to buy delicious food on site. The museum is already on the side of the Old Town and it would take some time to get somewhere and then still wait. In Torun on weekends bars and restaurants overcrowded… so various hot dishes and drinks are already prepared for us by ladies coming from Ukraine and living in Torun, who form the Touch Nature Foundation and do many interesting things, it is worth supporting them!

Bring your bidon, thermos, cutlery – reduce the production of garbage and poisoning of Mother Earth.

There is a chance that, like last year, there will be culinary surprises from Hungary.

On Saturday morning we invite you to shop for products from organic farmers of the Ekolan Fair at the Ethnomuseum, and on Sunday delicious healthy preserves and creations at the Free Fair of Torun and the New Town Market organized by the friendly Chwast Prast Vegetarian Bistro which invites you to our Festival.

Where to spend the night during the Festival

Although the program is very rich and it is worth sleeping before the Festival, it is worth stretching the bones for a while;) That’s why we have reserved a cottage at the Jesuit Fathers’ Academic Fellowship “The Well” in Toruń behind the Jesuit Church in the heart of Toruń, 24 Piekary Street. Sleeping on your own mattresses (there are a couple of couches, but most are already reserved) and with your own sleeping bags at a cost of 30 PLN/person per night does not seem like a large sum, and will help support the operation of the Well. The facilities include a shower and a kitchen with a refrigerator, two burners and a microwave. Those who slept there last year praise it. Admission 24 hours by code. The walk to the Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa Ethnographic Museum in Torun takes about 10 minutes. Reserve seats at czango@aerisfuturo.pl

Besides, there are many hostels, hotels, apartments in Torun, which you can find on the Internet.

If you have any questions, suggestions – write boldly on the email provided.

See you soon!

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