Katarzyne Tucholska’s Band

Katarzyna Tucholska put her first steps as a traditional dancer at the ‘Dom Tanca’ Association together with Piotr Zgorzelski. Later, she learned from uncountable village dancers. She learned to play three-row pedal harmony (accordion) mainly from Jan Adamczyk from Budki, and traditional singing mainly from Monika Maminska. Katarzyna repairs and tunes accordions, she also leads workshops in traditional dance and harmony accordion. Katarzyna Tucholska’s Band, uniquely for this occasion, consists of: Katarzyna Tucholska (pedal accordion, vocals, dance), Katarzyna Zedel (violin, vocals), Katarzyna Rosik (frame drum, vocals), Marta Domachowska (basetnia – string instrument similar to the cello, vocals, dance). All the women forming the band are traditional music practitioners and, either together or separately, they play at dance parties, weddings and workshops. They work as educators with children, young people and adults; they build instruments, perform traditional wedding rituals, and take part in community, educational and academic projects. At the dance, they will play melodies heard and learned from the village masters from Radom area: Wieslawa Gromadzka, Jan Adamczyk, Jan and Stanislaw Gaca, Jan Fokt, Stanislaw Tarnowski and others, and sing songs heard from Maria Siwiec, Zofia Kucharczyk i Maria Pezik. There will also by some village games.

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