Begebenheit Band

Begebenheit Band was formed in 2020 as a quartet of accordion (Tobiasz Wenta), double bass (Maciej Kuchta), violin (Natalia Wenta) and percussion + vocals (Paulina Węsierska). This same year the band took part in the Cassubia Cantat festival in Bytów. The next year with another violinist (Piotr Kluczek) Begebenheit won the main prize which launched the band in this new shape into regular meetings and concerts. The main sources of the music are archival recordings and historical literature of the Kashubian region – its music, dances and plays. Great inspiration for the band is also the activity of the old musicians from Chwaszczyno – Jankowski band, who still plays the music that was popular right after WWII.

“Begebenheit” is a German translation of the polish word “przypadek” (eng. accident) which marks the origins of the band. Soon after it turned out that “begebenheit” is closer to the “event” or “happening” but this only made even more sense. The German word was chosen due to the strong German influence on the Kashubian region. The name was a subject to change but the sheer variety of listeners’ mispronunciations (Bugenheimat, Begebenheis, Gebegebewhat?, Gebenhit etc.) made it even more frolic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W43LA6ADGw od 5:57

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