Agregandado is a Toronto-based music band traversing the orbits of group n revolutions.
It was formed to play traditional music dances from various corners of Europe. As a result, agregandado’s repertoire consists of kujawiak, Swedish polish and a number of dances with origins ranging from Kurpie to Brittany. The sound of agregandado is modelled on traditional Kuyavian and Scandinavian music performed years ago, in the belief that they have important features in common. At the same time, the arrangements of the performed pieces are an expression of the tastes and sensitivity of the individual musicians. A palette of sound colours is created by the violin, hurdy-gurdy and Kuyavian basset.

Team member:

Irena Gulewicz
Izabela Strąk
Natalia Romanowska
Piotr Stachoń
Dominik Wóltański

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

Dance party (Saturday)

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