Gyulai Vajk Máté

Vajk Gyulai

Vajk Gyulai – plays flutes and koboz in the amateur folk bands Csenderítők and Mácsonya, with whom he regularly plays concerts and dance events. In the summer of 2023, he played with the Szőrénszálán band (led by Farkas Gyulai) and taught flute playing at our events in Kraków and Toruń (Z czango w las). Since September 2023, he has been leading Moldva Fonó open jam sessions together with Korsós Kinga. As a child I danced in the Bihari group, currently in the Vadrózsák folk dance group.

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

Czango instrumental workshop: flutes

Chango dance workshop from Moldova – basic and advanced level

Gimesh chango dance workshop – basic level

Concert “The richness of chango culture”

Concert “In the Circle of Carpathian Culture”

Dance parties (Friday, Saturday)

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