Paweł Iwan Tańce z Pogórza

Pawel Iwan

Pawel Iwan – carol singer, singer, dancer and dulcimer player. Known for his work with bands from Inna Struna, Tadirindum, KBB, Pokrzyk, Kapela Ozimkowicza, Hajda Banda/Гайда Банда and C.K. Kapela, with which he wins distinctions and awards.  He also performs as a guest with the bands Iskierczanie (Dębica), Kapela Brodów, Kapela Serhija Ochrimczuka and Krajka/Крайка (Przemyśl). He co-founded singing groups and recreates voice emission, which he learned from his grandmother (who lived in the former Bojkowszczyzna region).

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

Foothills Song Workshop

Foothills Dances workshop

Concert “In the Circle of Carpathian Culture”

Dance party (Saturday)

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