Skrzypkowie Dzielni

Skrzypkowie Dzielni

Skrzypkowie Dzielni is a Torun-based string band. They draw on archival music recorded in previous centuries, particularly Kujawy and Swedish. An important component of the ensemble’s repertoire is the raft and oryll music recorded in Oskar Kolberg’s works in the parts concerning Kuyavia. The songs, as danceable as they may be, were once performed by a community involved in river rafting.

Team member:

Natalia Kucharska
Karolina Drzewiecka
Izabela Strąk
Henio Szramowski
Maciej Kowalski
Kazuma Ishio
Piotr Stachoń
Dominik Wóltański

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

Dance party (Friday)

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