Hungarian May Day in the rhythm of Csángó – welcome to Zakopane on Saturday, May 25

Hungarian May Day in the rhythm of Csángó – welcome to Zakopane on Saturday, May 25.
“Pole Hungarian – two nephews” – this slogan is known to each of us. However, what are its roots? What connects our cultures? The meeting will certainly sensitize us to the multitude of affinities between Polish and Hungarian customs. On Saturday, May 25, from 7:00 pm at the Hyrny Hotel in Zakopane (20 J. Piłsudzkiego St.), we invite you to a meeting with Hungarian culture from the borderland of the Eastern Carpathians. The Rézlevél band from Budapest will play and sing. There will also be dance lessons and a dance party.

Csángó (Hungarian csángó) is the official name of Hungarians living in Moldova, a region within the borders of Romania; they are an ethnic minority of Hungarian origin in that country. They are one of the least known ethnic groups in Europe and endangered for many reasons. For many years, the Chang were not allowed to cultivate their own culture. Unlike the Orthodox majority of Romanians, they are Catholic, and since the time of their settlement in Moldova, it is the faith that has played an important and bonding role.

Traditional chango music is unique – deeply rooted in the multicultural history of the Eastern Carpathian region. It features Gypsy, Jewish, Balkan and even Polish rhythms. An advantage of Csángó dances may be the fact that most of them are circle dances, so there is no need for a partner or partner, and the steps are usually simple, although the tempos are sometimes very fast.

It is advisable to bring comfortable shoes to the dance, girls and women skirts, a T-shirt for dressing up (it can be hot), and above all good humor and a desire to interact with the community.

The Rézlevél band from Budapest will play, consisting of Farkas Gyulai – violin, flutes, learning chants and dances, Tamás Kovács – koboz lute, Andor Schindler – flutes.

The meeting will be led by Joanna Mieszkowicz, a teacher of Csángó dances, passionate about traditional culture, participant in many dance houses and dance tabors in Romania, Hungary and Poland, animator and promoter of Csángó culture in Poland.

Our wish is to continue building relationships, friendships between supporters of traditional cultures through the shared experience of its grandeur, fun as well as relaxation. Our dream is also to draw new people into this circle, into this atmosphere, so that they can also feel the positive emotions that we experience while already immersed in the beauty of traditional culture.

Admission: every grace to the hat.

You are welcome!

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Contact: Joanna Mieszkowicz

T: +48 693 589 391

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